Our Activities
Puppet Show
Dreamland & ultimate experience

Kathputli is a string puppet theatre, native to Rajasthan, India, and is the most popular form of Indian puppetry. Our puppet shows every evening is a source to spread that beauty to our guests.

Indian & International treatments

Step into our Spa to reinvent, rejuvinate yourself & experience our wide range of Indian & International soothing therapies and treatments for hair, face & body. Our experienced spa therapists will ensure that your sessions are customized to your wishes, requirements and mood.

Folk Entertainment
Live Traditional Music

While your taste buds do Tango with our mouthwatering extravaganza, let your senses drift away with the soothing soulful combination of live “Tabla” & “Sitar” recitals at our Restaurant every evening.

Turban Ceremony
Turban-tying ceremony

In Indian culture, the head gear has its own significance which is valued a lot by all. Few meters of cloth holds respect, pride, power, culture, dignity and most important, the feel of being a part of this ancient rich culture.

Heritage Ride
Actual culture & craftsmanship of Agra

If you really want to explore the real city, then you must visit the intrinsic lanes of the old Agra city which reflects the actual culture & craftsmanship which remains unexplored to a large extent. Come on and take a tour with us inside little known bazaars of the city, where the old ways of life continues uninterrupted.

The streets are redolent of spices – turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and several more. Women haggle over the price of bangles and sarees. The faithful offer prayers in lanes; and farmers come to buy implements. Old arts and crafts flourish in the bazaars.

Folk entertainment
Traditional indian dances

Folk entertainment in Agra have had their course shaped by a synthesis of indigenous and modern influences that have consequently shaped the course of the folk of the rest of Uttar Pradesh. With the spice of old heritage culture and the charm of typical urban taste, we are able to showcase the modern society what kind of rich history we had that remains unparalleled till date.

The beautiful “mudras” of the slender Indian classical dances are the soul of the powerful dance form that can take you to the Divine world of peace, joy and a direct connect with the reviving space that you would have never known to exist.

Henna Tattoo
The most popular tattoo designs in India

Henna tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs in India. It is also known as Mehandi Tattoos and is also a tattoo style that emerges from ancient Mehandi art or Henna Art.

Nowadays this tattoo design is chosen by women all around the World. From very ancient time this body art was used to symbolize the significance of women. So it is always associated with the Indian culture till this day. But the fact is that henna tattoos are very popular as a temporary tattoo design around the world and India.